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Caihong Co. Mobilize Employees to Participate in Social Insurance

2012/11/18 Viewers:
  Yesterday morning, Gaozhou People Club Bureau, Social Security office, Local Tax Bureau, Shizailing subdistrict office, Gaozhou Caihong Elastic Weaving Co. Ltd. and Gaozhou Bailihua Clothing Co., Ltd. held a symposium to mobilize both companies’ employees to buy social insurance. Both companies take the social responsibility and strive for 100% employees’ participation in social insurance.

  Caihong Co. and Bailihua Co. are famous local private enterprises and we are intensely aware that it’s our responsibility to buy social insurance for employees and it’s a strategic measure to take in and retain talents, build harmonious enterprise culture and promote development of our companies. Early in 2010 year end, we took the lead in social endowment insurance as well as urban and rural resident medical treatment insurance for employees among local private enterprises. We also mobilize all eligible employees to participate in social insurance by making specific bulletin boards, holding symposiums to explain policies and benefit in order to strengthen our employees’ awareness. So far, there are 73% of our employees participate in social insurance, and our employee participation rate is high among local private enterprises.

  The leaders of Gaozhou People Club Bureau and Social Security office encouraged us to make persistent efforts and explain policies and benefit of participating in social insurance more clearly to our employees, so that our workers can better understand their rights to help us achieve the goal of 100% employees’ participation in social insurance.